Met Police: Women arrested at Sarah Everard vigil paid damages

In letters to both Ms Stevenson and Ms Al-Obeid, Karen Findlay, commander for major events and public order policing for London, said she fully acknowledged “that your motivations in attending the vigil were to express your grief and anger” over Ms Everard’s death. Source: BBC News

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The leafy street in Leigh on Sea that 80 sham firms call home

Financial crime experts say “burner companies” are “most likely part of a criminal network”. Source: BBC News

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Libya floods: Families' heartbreak as rescuers search for survivors

In Libya, officials say at least 10,000 people are missing and thousands more are displaced. Source: BBC News

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Danelo Cavalcante: Dog ‘subdued’ crawling Pennsylvania fugitive

His method of escape was the same used by another inmate, Igor Bolte, in May. The glaring security lapse at the prison and the lone fugitive’s evasion of a manhunt involving officers equipped with night-vision goggles, dogs, drones and aerial support for a fortnight embarrassed the authorities. Source: BBC News

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Harry Maguire: England defender says he can ‘deal with’ Scotland ‘banter’

‘It’s a joke’ – Southgate on criticism of Maguire England’s Harry Maguire says the reaction from the Scotland fans in Tuesday friendly at Hampden Park was just a “little bit of banter” and he “can deal with it”. Scottish fans mocked the Manchester United defender, ironically applauding his passes, with Maguire going on to score […]

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Sara Sharif: Three relatives arrested over her murder

The father, stepmother and uncle of Sara Sharif, 10, are arrested after returning to UK from Pakistan. Source: BBC News

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Relatives sought by police over Sara Sharif death returning to UK

Three adults police want to speak to over Sara Sharif’s death are returning to the UK from Pakistan. Source: BBC News

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Wilko brand set to be bought by The Range in £5m deal

The Range will own the Wilko brand and website and could choose to sell some of its products in its shops. Source: BBC News

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What is the UK inflation rate and why is it so high?

The rate at which prices are rising fell to 6.8% in the year to July, down from 7.9% in June. Food inflation on items like milk, bread and cereals has also come down, although remains high – at 14.9%. What does inflation mean? Inflation is the increase in the price of something over time. If […]

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Man arrested after girl attacked by bully XL dog in Birmingham

A 60-year-old man has been arrested after an 11-year-old girl suffered serious injuries. Source: BBC News

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